Our Project Strategies

Community engagement and leveraged philanthropy are at the core of our strategy. Most of our time is spent investing in our communities through workshops, content, and other STEAM experiences.

Teacher Assisting a Student

Education & Outreach

As part of our mission, educating those in need falls first in our priority. Both of our flagship projects involve helping our recipients with cultivating a set of traditional and modern skills that will lead to a wholesome and healthy lifestyle and success in the modern world.


Community Development

Our efforts pertaining to this program evolve with the dynamic environment that our communities thrive in, which in turn involves developing new, creative ways to implement them.

Boys at School

Project Gates

Granting Children a Modern Technology Education to Foster 21st Century Skills


Computer Science Curriculum

Website Development

Workshop members learn how to create functional webpages using HTML and CSS, as well as how to maintain and run a web server. Advanced students can learn about topics such as parallax scrolling and animation.

Python and Java

Workshop members go through our flagship training course designed to outline two of the most widely used programming languages. The fundamentals of programming logic are heavily focused on in this course.

Scratch Learning Program

For our beginners and younger members, we have a Scratch introductory course that teaches members the basics of loops and animation. After this course, most members take the Python and Java course.


How to Register

For Schools and Community Groups

  1. Send us an email at steamforwardinc@gmail.com with a statement of who you are and the resources you'll need. Please provide the address of the expected meeting space and how many students will attend. If you have any specific requirements or requests regarding the workshop topic/content, please include it.

  2. We'll respond to you about your requirements and allocate resources for your workshop.

  3. We'll run a workshop for your students and tutor them during the dates you reserved with us.

Teacher Helping Student

Mentorship Application

Apply to be a mentor at our coding workshops


Upcoming and Past Events

Find Your School and Community

Arcadia Middle School


  • Workshop Leader: Emily Bernard

  • During this workshop, we will be teaching students how to use conditional statements and loops in Python. Near the end of the workshop, students will be asked to apply their knowledge to global health and energy issues.

San Jose Middle School

Jan. 16, 2020

  • Workshop Leaders: Nicholas Vitebsky, Michael Brown

  • During this workshop, we will be teaching students how to use graphics and animations to develop websites. The workshop will be focused around applying web development to social issues and politics.

Chatham High School

Dec. 12, 2019

  • Workshop Leader: Taylor Riordan

  • During this workshop, we will be teaching students how to use variables and print statements in Java. We'll go over Project Euler problems, attempt to solve some, and wrap up by talking about the greater implications of math and coding to a future career.

North Star Academy (Newark)

Nov. 18, 2019

  • Workshop Leader: Nicholas Vitebsky

  • During this workshop, we will be teaching students the fundamentals of coding using Scratch (MIT). We will explore the basics of functions and variables by using the green flag loop and making our Scratch characters (known as sprites) speak.

Grover Cleveland High School (Queens)

Oct. 29, 2019

  • Workshop Leaders: Will Davis, Sarah King

  • During this workshop, we will focus on teaching students how to apply programming to issues relevant to their local community. We will use Python and web development to start building apps for local stores and for neighborhood clubs and activities. 

Kenmore-Garfield High School (Akron)

Oct. 13, 2019

  • Workshop Leader: Anna Cox

  • During this workshop, we will dive into the concepts of data storage and web servers as part of our web development course. We'll go over Node.js and the concept of data trees, and then use both to create a simple algorithm that runs on a local web server like local:8000.

Bridgeport Central High School

Sep. 25, 2019

  • Workshop Leader: Thomas Rees

  • We will present a 4 hour workshop on Android development using the online software AppInventor. This workshop will culminate in creating an app about public safety. Afterwards, we'll discuss how tech can be used to keep communities safe and connected.

STEAM Forward-VMG Harlem

Sep. 8, 2019

In partnership with VMG, we are holding a free, 5 hour event that includes two programming workshops, a team building session, and a community impact thinking session. The event includes accessibility to Amazon Alexas, Arduinos, and Raspberry Pis. STEAM Forward team members Nicholas Vitebsky, Will Davis, Taylor Riordan, and Sarah King will be there.

Stanton Middle School (DE)

August 14, 2019

  • Workshop Leader: Anusha Eradi

  • During this workshop, we're going to create animations and skits using Scratch. We're going to start by applying movements and speech to our sprites, and will conclude the workshop by scratching the surface on variables and more complex functions.

  • Summer Session (school is not open but we are using the facilities)

Elkhardt Thompson Middle School (VA)

July 30, 2019

  • Workshop Leader: Elijah Green

  • We're going to explore how to use Java to draw geometric shapes using the Turtle class. With the help of the math faculty, we will incorporate a geometry lesson into the workshop and learn about angles by drawing them with Java.

  • Summer Session (school is not open but we are using the facilities)

Moriah Junior/Senior High School

July 7, 2019

  • Workshop Leader: Maggie Fitzgerald

  • Tech isn't all about sitting in front of a computer screen. In this workshop, we're going to head outside and build programs for the Parrot drone kit. We can define GPS coordinates for it and give it instructions on how to move while we enjoy the summer sun!

  • Summer Session (school is not open but we are using the facilities)

Northridge High School

June 22, 2019

  • Workshop Leader: Anna Cox

  • This workshop is focused on using web development for social good. Students will use HTML/CSS/JavaScript to create websites and web apps that cover social change issues or community service initiatives. We will focus on specifically impacting the Dayton community.

Annual Charity Concert #2

June 4, 2019

Our annual charity concert held in the municipal barn building in Highlands Ridge Park. The event features 50+ students and 6 ensembles from Mendham High School (covered on Instagram) including the jazz combo, Select Strings, and trumpet ensemble.

Green Street Academy (Baltimore)

May 15, 2019

  • Workshop Leader: Rishab Roy

  • This workshop is focused on teaching fundamental programming logic through Python and relating it to mathematical principles. We will focus extensively on number swapping and the ability to store sums in any number.

Thomas Stone High School

Mar. 5, 2019

  • Workshop Leader: Walter Barker, Rishab Roy

  • This workshop will focus on teaching high schoolers how to use web development to promote advocacy and social change within their community. We will use web apps and design principles to create awareness for social issues around Baltimore.

Hillcrest High School (Queens)

Dec. 19, 2018

  • Workshop Leaders: Nicholas Vitebsky, Sarah King

  • This workshop is focused on incorporating computer science into the community in order to decrease crime. By creating connected solutions that allow community members to peacefully interact with each other, we can drop crime rates. We will concentrate on app and web development for community members.


Previous events are still being recovered from our archives.

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