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Project Armstrong Update

We have recently donated funds to a community center in Nakuwadde, Uganda on the scale of thousands of dollars as a partnership with Action In Africa. Using the funds we’ve raised in our community, we’ve directed new developments in Nakuwadde, including the purchase of local instruments and educational materials for the music program at the center. The funds will also go towards education and cultural enrichment in the center. Shipping instruments and books would be overly costly and complicated with customs, so to put our funds to the best use possible, we decided to send them directly to Uganda where it could be used to support the local economy and purchase instruments and books there (and even locally made instruments like authentic African drums). Our fundraising efforts in the future will also be directed overseas because recycling charity funds within the tri-state area is not as effective as sending it to an area of the world that needs it much more direly to maintain a good standard of living, including a good education and the ability to express yourself creatively.


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