• STEAM Forward Inc.

Our Mission

Steam Forward was established in 2017 by Nicholas Vitebsky.

We’re an organization driven by progressive ideas, bold actions, and a strong foundation of support. Our mission statement is to educate children across the globe in skills most important to a healthy and wholesome life, including music and computer skills.

In 2018, we are presenting two new flagship projects focusing on each aspect of our mission: music and technology.

Project Gates: named after the highly philanthropic and successful computer tycoon Bill Gates, this project aims to donate low-cost, maintainable computers such as Arduinos and Raspberry Pis in order to give kids who don't have the tools to learn programming an opportunity to do so.

Project Armstrong: named after the great musician Louis Armstrong, this project aims to donate low-cost, easy-to-use musical instruments to give kids in underfunded schools the chance to learn musical skills.

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