Meet our Chair

Committed to the Cause


Nicholas Vitebsky

Founder and President

A freshman at Vanderbilt, an avid programmer, an aspiring jazz musician, and the son of a single immigrant mother, Nicholas founded Steam Forward with the hope of being able to give back to the world what his hard-working mother gave to him.

PublicationsIf Coding, Then Happy on Amazon (distributed at STEAM Forward workshops)

Steam Forward Headshot - Austin

Austin Fitzpatrick

Director of Media, Event Photographer

Austin joined Steam Forward Inc. with the vision and drive to improve the quality of our charity events, including our Charity Barn concert. As a freshman at Syracuse, he contributes to his community through his successes in competitive swimming and viola performance. He is very familiar with service, since he devotes a large amount of his time to firefighting for his community and is certified in everything from advanced firefighting to inspection.

Image by You X Ventures

Student Volunteers


Huge thanks to our student volunteers who help make this all possible! From Anusha E. in Red Bank High School to Matt W. in Williams College, our student volunteers span a vast network of people passionate about tech, music, and community service. In addition to their own community leadership and tech/music projects, they've devoted their time to developing communities near them with coding and music workshops.

Technology Class

Our Story

Dealing with the challenges of today requires problem-solvers who bring different perspectives and are willing to take risks. Steam Forward Inc. emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support the community, and a desire for actions to speak louder than words. Established in 2017 by Nicholas Vitebsky, we’re an organization driven by cutting-edge ideas, bold actions, and a strong foundation of support. Contact us to learn more and get involved.